Become An Enhance®Wellness Coach

The original study protocol, which EnhanceWellness is based upon, used a nurse practitioner/social worker team. Currently, a nurse/social worker team is used whenever feasible. However, your organization can choose to use a Community Health Worker (CHW) with motivational interviewing experience to provide EnhanceWellness services.

  • EnhanceWellness Coach candidates are trained by EnhanceWellness Master Trainers in a 2 day training.
  • The training includes slides provided and updated by Sound Generations.
  • The instruction closely follows WellWare charting software and EW Coach Manual which the new Coach keeps for reference.
  • Opportunities to implement skills and receive feedback in real-time occurs throughout the training.


New EnhanceWellness Coach trainings can be scheduled on demand by Sound Generations. Sound Generations assists in coordinating national trainings, matching Master Trainers with training opportunities and ensuring that the training is conducted according to protocol.



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