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What is EnhanceWellness?

Everyone on the staff was so eager to help make this program really effective for those of us who really committed to it. They were friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile so that we would succeed. My private sessions with the coach were extremely productive.


EnhanceWellness (EW) is an evidence-based program that connects participants with a personal health and wellness coach to improve physical, emotional and social well-being. Based on the Chronic Care Model, EW’s participant-centered approach uses motivational interviewing techniques and validated assessment tools in more than ten domains.

EnhanceWellness happens in three steps: Screen, Plan, Action:

  • An EW screening visit identifies the participant’s personal strengths and risks through a detailed health questionnaire and interview with the EW Coach.
  • The participant and EW Coach craft an individualized EW Health Action Plan, focused on areas the participant chooses to work on. The participant may choose to share this plan with their physician, family, or other support network. 
  • The participant moves into action with the support of their EW Coach, who offers ongoing encouragement, feedback, and monitoring over the next six months. The EW Coach assists with problem solving, health education and referrals to support groups. 

EnhanceWellness is a reliable complement to formal healthcare services for older adults. It works well on its own and as a hub to refer to other health promotion interventions and resources. It is backed by independent research and has been shown to yield measurable results in health—an important consideration for service providers, public and private funders, health care partners, and older adults themselves. And of course, it works seamlessly with EnhanceFitness.

Review EnhanceWellness research to learn more about program results and replication.

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