EnhanceFitness Testimonials

“The program brings everyone together in a way that is joyful and healthy.”

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Thanks to my doctor’s insistence I joined the class a year ago. At first the hour was very long and there were exercises I couldn’t do. I’m happy to report that now the hour goes quickly and I have gained new skills. It feels good to be able to do things I couldn’t do before. An added benefit is the friendly, caring group.

Muriel, EF Participant (Age 78)

I am a 69 year old woman with high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and an artificial knee. I decided to join an exercise class to improve my balance and attempt to get into physical shape following a twenty year sedentary job. I have faithfully attended 60 minute Monday & Wednesday classes of cardio and weightlifting exercises for the past 15 months. I have not dieted, but I have listened to the instructor about eating and have followed her guidance. During this time, I have lost 20 lb and gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and am slowly reaching my ideal BMI of 25. I plan to make physical fitness a priority in my retirement because I have been amazed at the results and wish I had been more physically fit in my younger days.

Linda, EF Participant (Age 69)

I was extremely weak when I started the Exercise Program. I had to sleep a lot every day. I had little or no energy. I needed help getting out of the tub. Even with a safety handle on the each side of the tub, it was a struggle to get up and out. Since participating in the exercise program, I am able to get up and out of the tub using only one arm on one of the handles. My husband and I love ball room dancing at the Senior Centers. Since the exercise program, I am able to last longer on the dance floor. I can now do more household chores than previously.

Jean, EF Participant

I LOVE this class! It is the PERFECT workout – balance, strength, aerobics. The class is taught on very easy, medium and challenging levels. Our instructor provides great enthusiasm, mental fun challenges, music and pep talks when you are so tired. Some classes are too easy, others too fast and hard, this one is JUST RIGHT!

Phyllis, EF Participant

I have been attending the classes for many years now – after my retirement – and I must say that now at 92 these classes and our great teacher have been keeping me going – in mind, body and spirit. Feeling Enhanced.

Nan, EF Participant (Age 92)

After about 2 years in the exercise program that you teach, I would like to pass on to you some of my benefits: I am a diabetic now for about 20 years. Since I have been in the program I have benefited as follows:
-My blood sugar medication is 1/2
-My blood pressure medication is 1/2
-My weight is down 10% and my stomach is flat
I am not out of breath after climbing stairs. Thank You!

EF Participant

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