Become an EnhanceFitness Instructor

It is so rewarding that we are making a difference with EF. I love being an instructorit is so much fun!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an EnhanceFitness Instructor!

As an EF instructor, you have a specific and important role in ensuring a safe, effective, and fun EF class. For that reason, everyone who leads an EF class (including assistant and substitute instructors) must first successfully complete the EF New Instructor Training. 

In order to be trained, EF Instructor Candidates must be associated with a licensed EF affiliate. Check our Locator page to find affiliates near you. 

We strongly recommended that EF Instructor Candidates have a foundational fitness certification such as Group Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer, or a background in exercise science or physiology (such as nursing, occupational therapy, or physical education). We also strongly recommend that all EF instructors hold a current CPR certification.

For those seeking a preliminary foundational certification, Project Enhance has partnered with FiTOUR to provide access to a discounted online Group Exercise Instructor education in both English and Spanish.

Overview of the EF New Instructor Training

  • EF Instructor Candidates are trained by EF Master Trainers in a 12- hour in-person or remote training. 
    • If you are with a YMCA, note that a parallel training system exists through Y Faculty EF Master Trainers. 
  • The training includes audiovisual material, live demonstration, and teach-backs to show trainees have learned and understand the program’s protocols.
  • The training closely follows the illustrated EnhanceFitness Instructor Manual which the new instructor keeps for reference. 

Find the schedule of upcoming trainings and additional training logistics here. In-person and remotely-delivered EF New Instructor Trainings are scheduled monthly.

Successful completion of the EF New Instructor Training grants access to Instructor resources, including: 

  • An account at granting access to a variety of instructor resources  
  • An invitation to a moderated, EF Instructor-only Facebook discussion page 
  • Updates to the EnhanceFitness Instructor Manual 
  • Regular communications and updates from Project Enhance

Continuing Education Courses

In partnership with the American Council on Exercise, we offer EF Instructors access to a deeply-discounted, curated menu of online continuing education courses.

New in 2022, in partnership with the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), a free, curated menu of online disability education courses is available to support instructors in creating an inclusive workout environment.

Becoming an EnhanceFitness Master Trainer

EF Master Trainer Trainings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Master Trainer Candidates must apply and be approved by Project Enhance. Contact us for more information. (Note: EF instructors wishing to become Master Trainers must have ACSM/ACE certification or a degree in exercise science, as well as a year of experience teaching EnhanceFitness.)