Upcoming EnhanceFitness Trainings

We are currently offering trainings each month (sometimes several). If the trainings listed below are marked as full, don’t worry–we will have more opportunities listed shortly.

Email projectenhance@soundgenerations.org for further information or to be added to the waitlist for the next available training.

JUNE 4+ 6 (Remote via Zoom)

9:00 TO 1:00 PM PT

JUNE 11 + 13 (Remote via Zoom)

9:00 TO 1:00 PM PT

JUNE 12 + 13 (In Person – Arizona)

DAY 1: 9:00 TO 5:00 PM MT
DAY 2: 9:00 TO 1:00 PM MT

JULY 9 + 11 (Remote via Zoom)

9:00 TO 1:00 PM PT

Stay tuned for additional upcoming dates!

About EnhanceFitness New Instructor Trainings

Remote trainings are usually held on Zoom. They consist of two 4-hour sessions over two days and a one-on-one teachback to be scheduled with the trainer shortly after the second day of training. In-person trainings are hosted by a licensed EnhanceFitness affiliate. They consist of one 8-hour session and one 4-hour session over two days, including a teachback.

Remote trainings require the use of a static webcam, such as on a desktop or laptop computer. Remote training cannot be performed using a cellphone’s handheld camera. We strongly recommend one computer per participant but let us know if this is a challenge and we can work with you on options.

Remote trainings have a maximum capacity of 10 attendees. In-person trainings are typically capped at 15 attendees.

Depending on the number of new instructors needing trained for your organization, we may schedule a separate training (not listed above) to accommodate a large group. This can be discussed with your organization.

Interested in being trained?

Learn more about becoming an EnhanceFitness instructor here.

Instructor candidates must be associated with licensed EnhanceFitness affiliates in order to register for a New Instructor Training. If you are not, you may reach out to an affiliate to see if there are instructor openings. The affiliate will provide you with instructions to register for a training. Search for EnhanceFitness affiliates in your area on our Locations page.