EnhanceFitness Remote Class Delivery Guidance - May 2021

Effective May 4, 2021 - The updated EnhanceFitness Remote Class Delivery Guidance document now covers both Remote and Hybrid Delivery. It will be issued to all licensed affiliates and can also be found in the secure login section of our website. Thank you to University of Washington School of Medicine’s PACIFIC Study Team for testing and documenting remote and hybrid delivery processes. Thank you to Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan and YMCA of the USA for their partnership in vetting the guidance for our family of affiliates.
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Project Enhance offers state-of-the-art, community health promotion programs designed especially for older adults. This innovative project offers two tested and nationally recognized evidence-based programs:


A low-cost ongoing evidence-based group exercise and falls prevention program that helps older adults at all levels of fitness become more active, energized, and empowered to sustain independent lives.


An individual evidence-based behavior change program specifically targeted to older adults with chronic conditions and those aging with disability. Enhance Wellness encourages participants to take on health challenges and maintain control of their lives.




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