Become an EnhanceWellness Coach

“Being an Enhance Wellness coach is such a rewarding experience. Collaborating with participants in problem-solving and goal-setting, to look at where they are, where they want to be and how to get there, is a wonderful experience to share with them. Seeing participants’ joy in accomplishing goals and becoming more confident is truly a gift. Helping them learn that they can make changes and achieve happier, healthier lives.”

An EnhanceWellness Coach

Thank you for your interest in becoming an EnhanceWellness Coach! 

EW Coaches are skilled professionals who provide an evidence-based intervention that helps older adults meet life’s challenges. EW Coaches facilitate meaningful discussion that elicits the participant’s values, goals, and reasons for change, while collaboratively addressing obstacles that may arise. The EW Coach assists participants in self-identifying areas of behavior that they want to address using tools provided in their EW Coach Training.

Some professional and educational backgrounds of EW Coaches include nurse practitioners, social workers, community health workers, and other skilled staff with motivational interviewing or counseling experience. 

In order to be trained in EW, Coach Candidates must be associated with a licensed EW affiliate. Check our Locator page to find affiliates near you. 

Overview of the EW Coach Training

  • EW Coach Trainings may be offered in person over a 2-day period, or EW Coach Candidates may complete a self-paced online training program with a live online wrap-up and skill-building session facilitated by an EW Master Trainer. 
  • The training closely follows the EnhanceWellness Coach Manual which the new Coach keeps for reference.  

Find out more about EW Coach Trainings here. In-person and remotely-delivered EW Coach Trainings are scheduled in coordination with Project Enhance.  

Successful completion of the EW Coach Training grants access to resources, including: 

  • An invitation to bi-monthly EW Coach calls. These faciliatated calls are an opportunity to continue skill-building and to receive support and feedback from EW Master Trainers and fellow Coaches from around the country. 
  • Updates to the EnhanceWellness Coach Manual 
  • Regular communications and updates from Project Enhance  

Becoming an EnhanceWellness Master Trainer

EW Master Trainer Trainings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Master Trainer Candidates must apply and be approved by Project Enhance. Contact us for more information.