Become an EnhanceFitness Affiliate

“I LOVE teaching EnhanceFitness! It has changed my life.”

An EnhanceFitness Instructor

Interested in bringing EnhanceFitness to your organization? Here are some first steps to consider: 

  • Develop a budget and business plan for program implementation and sustainability. Review the EF Program Cost page and check out the customizable budget template (Excel file) to get started!
  • Secure community partners: Identify your class site(s) and qualified instructor candidates. Learn more about becoming an EF Instructor here.
  • Develop marketing material to reach your target audience. (Licensed affiliates receive access to templates!) 
  • Decide how to track your program data. Sound Generations offers a low-cost, user-friendly web-based application, the EnhanceFitness Online Data Entry System (EF ODES).

EnhanceFitness is a licensed program. What does this mean?

By having a license with our affiliates, we enter into an agreement with you. Project Enhance supports affiliates in providing the program, while affiliates agree to provide the program according to its protocols. This relationship supports program safety, effectiveness, and sustainability. Quite simply, a license is a key to quality assurance. By having a license agreement in place, EnhanceFitness can be as widely accessible as possible while keeping it what it is: a program proven to improve health outcomes. For evidence of this, we can look to EF’s track record as a health promotion program with identifiable fidelity to protocols wherever it’s offered (in over 40 US states), backed by a support structure that allows it to continue to adapt to meet emerging needs today.

Are you ready? Join the EF network in three easy steps: 

  1. Request and sign a license agreement. Contact us to let us know you’re ready!
  2. Pay the initial licensing fee. Review the EF Program Cost page to estimate your initial license cost.
  3. Work with the Project Enhance Team to coordinate your Instructor training and for support in other implementation steps. Review Launching your EnhanceFitness Program for next steps!

We look forward to having your organization join our network of EnhanceFitness affiliates!