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Focusing on Older Americans + Arthritis + Physical Activity

Tips for Exercising with Arthritis

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MAY is our month to celebrate!

May is Older Americans Month (OAM), Arthritis Awareness Month, Physical Fitness Month and more! The Administration for Community Living leads the nation’s observance of OAM. The 2023 theme is Aging Unbound, which offers an opportunity to explore diverse aging experiences and discuss how communities can combat stereotypes. Join us in promoting flexible thinking about aging – and how we all benefit when older adults remain engaged, independent, and included.

Thank you for all you are doing to support others in leading healthier lives!

Exercising with Arthritis

Check out the Building an Exercise Program for Arthritis video featuring Lauren Polivka, DPT, Owner of Live with Passion, LLC; Kirsten Ambrose, MS, Associate Director of Osteoarthritis Action Alliance at University of North Carolina’s Thurston Arthritis Research Center; and Paige Denison, Director of Project Enhance as they discuss considerations and approaches for getting active with arthritis with an engaged audience of arthritis patients of all ages.

Physical Activity reduces Risk of Osteoarthritis for those with Obesity

Regular physical activity – through a combination of aerobic and strength training – can help protect against osteoarthritis by: increasing muscle strength and cardiovascular health; improving body composition and joint support; preserving muscle mass; and reducing inflammation, joint stiffness and pain. Check out the QR Code for this American College of Sports Medicine resource library infographic and more to support goal-setting conversations with your participants.

Did you know EnhanceFitness is on the CalFresh Healthy Living Integrated Curricula list? Funds can be used to support program implementation in California! Learn more.

The Enhance Program Resource Portal

Expanded program resources are available to licensed EF and EW Affiliates and active EF instructors

“The ease of just doing it at home was great and the accountability that there’s other people, showing up. And that you’re going to do this, three times a week and that’s how it is, you know, you’re committed to it.”
– EF Livestream Participant 


NEW: Check out the Tech Tips for Remote and Hybrid Delivery PDF, including links to videos from AV Now, available in our EF Affiliate and EF Instructor Resource Portals! Let us know what questions you still have! We are gathering questions for an online seminar with Q&A to meet your needs.

Reminder: All manuals can now be printed directly from the EF and EW Affiliate portals. Instructor candidates should have a hard copy of the manual prior to Day 1 of training.

To access the resource pages, please contact us at to request your account.

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Maryland Living Well Center of Excellence (LWCE) and Tidal Health

Read the newly released Aging and Disability Business Institute’s Success Story case study featuring long-time EnhanceFitness delivery organization LWCE! Thank you MAC, Inc. for sharing lessons learned and constantly innovating to reach more people with more proven programs.

Let us help you build your capacity to reach more people and improve lives. Join upcoming EF Trainings and EW Trainings or contact to schedule yours today!