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EnhanceFitness featured
Midcourse Report
on Older Adults

NEW EnhanceWellness Video

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“Tips for Teaching” EnhanceFitness to those with MCI

EnhanceFitness is featured in the US HHS Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just released the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report: Implementation Strategies for Older Adults. EnhanceFitness at Suncoast YMCA in Florida is highlighted in the report as an outstanding example of how strategies to increase physical activity among older adults are being put into practice in communities across the United States.

The Midcourse Report and supporting materials can be found at

Everyone has a role to play in helping older adults get more physical activity. Health care professionals, delivery organizations, policymakers, trainers, instructors and community members can work across all sectors to create opportunities and environments that help promote access to physical activity among older adults. Thank you for being a part of this important effort.

New EnhanceWellness video featuring Northshore Senior Center

For an introduction to EnhanceWellness check out and share our new video featuring Lydia Barnsley, long-time EnhanceWellness Coach at Northshore Senior Center in Bothell, WA.

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month: Addressing Modifiable Risk Factors for Dementia

Many factors can influence dementia risk, including genes, environment, and lifestyle. Although many of these factors cannot be reversed, as with many other diseases, there are steps a person can take to help reduce their risk of dementia, including being physically active and connected. Be sure to check out the Tips for Teaching Participants with Mild Cognitive Impairment resource now available in the EF Instructor portal.

Read and share this infographic to help get the word out about healthy lifestyle activities that can help reduce dementia risk:

New Publications Alert

Gell NM, Bai Y, Herbert M, Hoffman EV, Reynolds R, Bae M, Dittus K, Phelan EA, & Patel KV. (2023). Exercise Intensity Among Older Adults Participating From Home in Remotely Delivered EnhanceFitness. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Advance online publication.

Steinman L, Chavez Santos E, Chadwick K, Mayotte C, Johnson SS, Kohn M, Kelley J, Denison P, Montes C, Spencer-Brown L, Lorig K. (2023). Remote Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs During COVID: A National Evaluation of Reach and Implementation for Older Adult Health Equity. Health Promotion Practice. 2023 Jun 6:15248399231175843. doi: 10.1177/15248399231175843. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37282506; PMCID: PMC10251066.

Happy 175th Birthday to the YMCA!!

We are proud to partner nationally with Y-USA to deliver #EnhanceFitness – getting stronger, increasing physical activity, lessening falls risk, managing arthritis and HAVING FUN across the country!

Here’s to another 175 years, Y Partners!! Strong Work!

The Enhance Program Resource Portal

Expanded program resources are available to licensed EF and EW Affiliates and active EF instructors

“I come because I enjoy it!”… “My stamina is improving!”… “New Friends”… “To help me live longer”… “To be strong enough to care for my sweetheart”… “Our Why”

– Utah EF Participants

NEW: Tips for Teaching Participants with MCI. Adapted from “Tips for Group Exercise Instructors Teaching Those Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia” (2023) by Paige Corley, EnhanceFitness Master Trainer, Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program, University of Utah. Thank you, Paige C!

UPDATED: EnhanceFitness Fast Facts Marketing Tool


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