Project Enhance News: FEBRUARY 2024

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New EF Sites

“Recommended Reads”

It’s Heart Month

EF Health History
Resource Update

Location, Location, Location—we want to be sure yours are correct!

New option for registering new EnhanceFitness Sites

If you use EF Online Data Entry System (ODES) for tracking your EnhanceFitness data, you have always had the option of registering a new EF Site through that system. (Reach out to if you have any questions about this process!)

For those who don’t use EF ODES, there is now a place where you can enter the details for a new location. This form captures the information we need to update your program license and to add the site to the Project Enhance Program Locator page to help new participants find your new site.

Check it out here:

CPR/AED Online Smart Certification Option

Did you know you can get CPR certified anytime, anywhere in just 90 minutes or less? American Council on Exercise offers CPR/AED Smart Certification App * as part of their Continuing Education courses, and as an EnhanceFitness Instructor or EnhanceWellness Coach, you have preferred pricing of $55 for that course. Individuals need to reach out to ACE directly for that offer via

*The CPR/AED Smart Certification App is fully compliant with national regulations and the latest scientific guidelines.

EnhanceFitness Classes Celebrate Wear Red Day

From Maine to Oklahoma & beyond! Moving for Heart Health! How are you celebrating this month?

In Their Own Words

My knee surgery recovery was faster because I included EnhanceFitness exercises regularly beforehand!” – EF Participant

“When I met my (Enhance)Wellness coach and we talked, I knew that she heard me by the questions that she asked me.” – EW Participant

“I have better balance and coordination. I am comfortable living independently!” – EF Participant

“Our doctor was very impressed and asked us what we were doing differently. Our answer was simple, EnhanceFitness.” – EF Participant

“Regular contact with my EW Coach helps me to stay focused on important health issues like nutrition, exercise, and rest. When someone takes personal interest in your health it’s a good thing. In the future, long term, I think it will make a big difference. In the meantime it will help me to stay in a positive, hopeful frame of mind.” – EW Participant

“For people like me, the virtue of EnhanceFitness is that it has a strong social component. I have found this to be a critical advantage. The social connections and casual atmosphere make regular attendance a matter of indulgence, rather than discipline. We have fun, and the group camaraderie provides constant reinforcement.” – EF Participant

Project Enhance “Recommended Reads+”: Our February List

Did you know that when you start reading, your blood pressure drops, and your heart rate and respiratory rate slow down. These effects combine to reduce the strain placed on your heart and blood vessels. Send us your recommendations for our monthly reading recommendations list—let’s support each other to learn more, work better!

February is American Heart Month

1 in every 3 deaths in the United States is related to cardiovascular disease. Explore CDC’s #HeartMonth toolkits for evidence-based resources to support heart health in your practice.

Printable and shareable handouts for your participants!

The Enhance Program Resource Portal

Expanded program resources are available to licensed EF and EW Affiliates and active EF instructors

“I have regained balance and strength, avoiding dependence upon medications, and there are no unpleasant side effects. I would additionally urge everyone to spread the word about this low cost program to health care providers.”

-EF Participant, Washington

NEW for EF Affiliate and Instructors: Health History self-reported disability options expanded as of January 2024 and are now available in the Online Data Entry System (ODES) and forms packet available in the EF Affiliate Portal.

COMING SOON for EF Instructors and EW Coaches: Updated CEC access and discount code available in your portals.

All manuals can now be printed directly from the EF and EW Affiliate portals. Instructor and Coach candidates should have a hard copy of the manual prior to Day 1 of training.

To access the resource pages, please contact us at to request your account.

REMINDER! Pay invoices any time—day, night or weekends!

Project Enhance invoices can now be paid by credit card online through a secure web portal.

The link to the payment portal is included in the email sent with each invoice and on the invoice PDF itself. You can also find it on our website under Contact Us.

Project Enhance Team Update:

We are short staffed and responses from Project Enhance team members may be delayed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Let us help you build your capacity to reach more people and improve lives. Join upcoming EF Trainings and EW Trainings or contact to schedule yours today!