Project Enhance News: February 2023

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Your Key to Quality Assurance

returns to China

Celebrating 30 Years of Moving Together

American Heart Month

EnhanceFitness is a licensed program. What does this mean?

By having a license with our affiliates, we enter into an agreement with you. Project Enhance supports affiliates in providing the program, while affiliates agree to provide the program according to its protocols. This relationship supports program safety, effectiveness, and sustainability. Quite simply, a license is a key to quality assurance. By having a license agreement in place, EnhanceFitness can be as widely accessible as possible while keeping it what it is: a program proven to improve health outcomes. For evidence of this, we can look to EF’s track record as a health promotion program with identifiable fidelity to protocols wherever it’s offered (in 44 US states), backed by a support structure that allows it to continue to adapt to meet emerging needs today.

EnhanceFitness International Expansion

From in-person healthcare trainings in Shanghai two decades ago to a 2018 Community Readiness Assessment in Changsha, there has long been interest in exploring EnhanceFitness adoption in China to address physical activity decline due to increasing urbanization.

We’re excited to share that Guangzhou Jiajianeng Sports Development Co, Ltd. is our newest international affiliate! We look forward to learning from their implementation efforts.

“CELEBRATION” choreography coming to your EF Instructor Portal soon!

Have you downloaded Muscle Mixes 30 year anniversary party mix featuring 30 minutes of our go-to favorites through the years? All songs are set to 126 BPM and are sure to make you want to move more and feel better! Tracks were hand-picked by Enhance®Fitness Master Trainers from across the nation.

Share your stories with us and receive a code to download for free! Reach out to for more information.

The Enhance Program Resource Portal

Expanded program resources available to licensed EF and EW Affiliates and active EF instructors

“I found the program very helpful. My EnhanceWellness Coach offered ideas without telling me what to do. She held me accountable, which made it easier for me to move forward..” – EW Participant

NEW: Check out the “Taking Good Photos & Videos” Guide in the EF and EW Affiliate Portals!

Reminder: All manuals can now be printed directly from the EF and EW Affiliate portals.

In order to access the resource pages, please contact us at to request your account.

American Heart Month

Self-measured blood pressure monitoring, combined with regular checkups, can help people control hypertension. Download the Million Hearts Action Guide for public health professionals and bring blood pressure control to your community. 

Project Enhance® COVID-19 Best Practice Guidance

We recommend that all implementation be done in line with the policies of your organization and the current directives of public health agencies. Read the most recent update (May 2021) (PDF)

Let us help you build your capacity to reach more people and improve lives. Join upcoming EF Trainings and EW Trainings or contact to schedule yours today!