Potential Projects

Do you have a potential project? Following are questions that researchers, administrators, and others have asked. To answer these questions, projects need to be set up and research conducted.

The questions are not organized in any particular order.

If you have a question to be researched, send us an email.


  • How long do participants stay in EnhanceFitness on average? (The program is now in its 25th year.)
  • Why do participants drop out?
  • Is there a correlation between how long a participant stays in the program and their functional ability? Their age? Their ethnicity?
  • What sites have the best attendance records? (This could lead to an analysis of why there is better attendance.)
  • Who does and does not provide research consent? Are those that give consent poorer? Sicker? Older? From a certain site?
  • Instructor analysis: Number trained, number who are active, number who never teach, average number of years teaching, etc.
  • Of those attending classes, how many of the “regular” attendees complete the Fitness Checks? Does this vary by setting, population, site, etc.?
  • What certifications will provide a good base for instructors new to the fitness field?
  • What brain health activities can be incorporated into classes?
  • Compare the data between ongoing classes and classes with breaks (e.g., classes that run for 8 to 10 weeks, break for 1 or 2 weeks, and restart a new session).


  • Participant recruitment efforts: what motivates a person to enroll in EnhanceWellness?
  • How can we better market EnhanceWellness to those in the community with chronic conditions?
  • What cost-efficient staffing combinations are most effective in creating positive health outcomes for participants?
  • Which areas of health do participants choose to improve most frequently and how does this vary by demographics?
  • How does the enrollment and graduation rate correlate to demographics?
  • What types of fidelity monitoring for staff interventionists could be implemented?
  • How many EnhanceWellness enrollees also attend other evidence-based programs and support groups and how does this affect their outcomes in EnhanceWellness?



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