Implementing Enhance®Wellness

“I liked the concept of being able to look at what you wanted to achieve. I was supported in my goals and efforts”. – EnhanceWellness Participant

Ready to enact EnhanceWellness at your organization? Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Identify and/or recruit appropriate staff, usually a registered nurse and/or a licensed social worker.
  • Allocate a private office for the EnhanceWellness staff.
  • Purchase or allocate a personal computer with Internet access and a printer for your EnhanceWellness staff.
  • Set up counselor training for your EnhanceWellness staff with Project Enhance. Training may be conducted at a site of your choice in your service area, or staff can be trained in Seattle, WA. To set up your training now, contact us.
  • Develop a partnership with a health care provider for referral of participants to your EnhanceWellness program.
  • Conduct marketing activities to inform community organizations about EnhanceWellness and recruit participants to the program.
  • Identify or begin support groups for current and potential EnhanceWellness participants.



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