Become an Enhance®Wellness Affiliate

“I found the sharing in our Feelings group open and honest. It was a great opportunity to learn for all of us in attendance and for each of us to speak honestly and openly and therefore to feel better about ourselves”. – EnhanceWellness Participant

We look forward to having your organization join our network of EnhanceWellness affiliates! Are you ready? 


  • Determining participants – who do you want to reach?
  • Securing community partners – referral sources and coach candidates
  • Developing budget and business plan for implementation and sustainability of EnhanceWellness – (check the customizable budget on the cost tab to get started!)
  • Developing marketing material(s) and/or tailoring – (we have templates for you!)
    • With the information you enter into WellWare, you will generate personalized Health Action Plans and other reports. With WellWare you can:
    • Track participant data, including demographic information, test results, etc.
    • Enter de-identified notes for each encounter with a participant categorized by staff and visit type.
    • Develop and print Health Action Plans for participants and Participant Progress Reports for their physicians.
    • Add information on mentors, physicians, and health plans of EnhanceWellness participants.
    • Print reports, including site outcome results for a given time period, lists of participants by health plan, support group activity, and more.

You can join the growing network of EnhanceWellness affiliates in three easy steps:

  1. Request and sign a license agreement. Contact us to let us know that you are ready! Your organization will be invoiced upon signing.
  2. Pay the invoice. Contact us with any questions.
  3. Work with our Project Enhance Team to coordinate a New EnhanceWellnesss Coach Training, time and location. We can’t wait to meet you!




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