Launching your EnhanceWellness Program

“I liked the concept of being able to look at what you wanted to achieve. I was supported in my goals and efforts.”

An EnhanceWellness Participant

Your organization has chosen to enact EnhanceWellness. What’s next?


  • Identify and/or recruit candidates for EW Coach training. Good candidates usually have a background in motivational interviewing or counseling. Learn more about becoming an EW Coach here.
  • Schedule EW Coach Training for your Coach Candidates and other staff. Learn more about setting up an EW Coach Training here.

Facilities and equipment

  • Allocate space for an EW Coach to meet confidentially with participants, either in person, by phone, or video conferencing.
  • Secure a computer with Internet access and a printer for your EW Coaches.

Market your program and recruit participants

  • Work with health care providers in your area to develop a participant referral source.
  • Inform other community organizations who serve your target audience about EnhanceWellness.