What does EnhanceFitness cost? 

First YearSubsequent Years
Basic License$3000 initial license fee, includes 1 physical site, 1 training, implementation support $50 annual license renewal, includes 1 physical site, implementation support 
Additional Sites$500 per physical site in its first year $50 annual site renewal, per additional physical site 
Optional Data Management$200 per EF ODES (data system) user $200 annual license renewal, per EF ODES user 

Basic License, First Year includes:

  • Program license for your organization and one physical (in-person) delivery site
  • One 1.5-day In-Person New Instructor Training for up to 15 instructor candidates and staff. (Travel costs for Master Trainer charged separately.) Or, one 1.5-day Remote Training for up to 10 instructor candidates and staff. (No additional travel costs.) 
  • One EnhanceFitness Instructor Manualfor each training attendee 
  • Listing of your program delivery site(s) in searchable Project Enhance program Locator database 
  • Ongoing technical assistance, access to marketing material templates and other implementation resources 
  • Updates to program implementation guidelines, protocols, and the EnhanceFitness Instructor Manual 

Additional Sites:

  • Additional sites may be added to your license at any time.
  • The license fee for additional physical sites is $500 for its initial year, renewed at $50 per year thereafter. 

Annual License Renewal, Subsequent Years:

  • The annual license renewal is $50 for the organization and 1 site, plus $50 for each additional renewing physical site. 

Optional Data Management System:  

The EnhanceFitness Online Data Entry System (EF ODES) is EF’s web-based participant management software application. The license fee is $200 per user, per year. Many organizations require only one license, while some purchase a license for each instructor or site coordinator. EF ODES users have access to a set of program management and outcomes reports, an EF ODES User Guide, and ongoing technical assistance.

Other Costs:

In addition to the licensing fee, other operational costs may apply, such as instructor salary, purchase of weights, space rental, etc. Download and customize this Excel file to explore other potential EnhanceFitness operating costs. 

License Cost Example Scenarios:

  • For a licensed organization with 2 physical delivery sites and 1 EF ODES license, the cost is $3700 for Year 1, and $300 for Year 2 and beyond.
  • For a licensed organization with 1 physical delivery site and 1 EF ODES license, the cost is $3200 for Year 1, and $250 for Year 2. If this organization adds a second physical site in Year 3, its license fee will be $750 in that year, and $300 in Year 4 and beyond.