Launching your EnhanceFitness Program

“The more I look at our member data and the incredible achievement of participants, the greater my passion grows for EF. You are part of something truly amazing and life changing.”

– An EnhanceFitness Affiliate

Your organization has chosen to join the EnhanceFitness affiliate network. What’s next? 

Identify your EF class site(s) and schedule class days and times

  • Facilities should be accessible and have space available for three 1-hour classes with 24 hours rest in between, typically on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Classes should be offered in accessible facilities. Check out guidelines and recommendations from our partners at NCHPAD.  
  • Sites must have space and time available to offer three 1-hour classes per week, allowing for 24 hours of rest required between strength training sessions. For example, classes may be scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Allow time for set-up and break-down, too! 
  • Sites should have a place to store weights. 

Recruit Instructor(s), at least one per class

The safety of your participants is of the utmost importance. To ensure that EF instructors have a suitable background, we strongly recommend they hold a nationally-recognized fitness instructor certification or equivalent. Review instructor qualifications and recommendations here.

Train your Instructor(s) in the EnhanceFitness protocol

  • Your instructors will be trained by an EnhanceFitness Master Trainer in the EF protocol, in special considerations for working with older adult exercisers, and in how to lead a group exercise class.  
  • Contact us to coordinate a training or connect your instructors with an already scheduled training. 
  • Once trained, EF Instructors will have access to a private Facebook page and other resources for support

Prepare your site for class

  • Purchase or have available music (optional) – note: many instructors provide their own
  • Each participant needs a chair and weights and 5′ x 5′ clutter-free space 
  • Purchase adjustable resistance, soft ankle weights from AllPro or another vendor. AllPro provides special wholesale pricing to licensed EnhanceFitness affiliates. Mention you are an EF affiliate when you order!
  • Many instructors and participants enjoy music during class, but this is not required. Many instructors provide their own. You may also purchase music from a specialized vendor, such as Muscle Mixes Music. Muscle Mixes Music provides special discounted pricing to EnhanceFitness instructors.

Market your class and recruit participants

  • Project Enhance will provide you with customizable templates for brochures and flyers 
  • Make sure Project Enhance has your sites’ name and address so that they can be added to the Locator page 
  • Recruit participants through local media, health care providers and senior center newsletters