EnhanceFitness Partnership With Kaiser Permanente Featured On NCOA’s Roadmap To Community Integrated Health Care

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EnhanceFitness partnership with Kaiser Permanente featured on NCOA’s Roadmap to Community Integrated Health Care – Check it out under # Medicare Advantage, See It in Action:


How has the EnhanceFitness program impacted our health plans’ key quality/performance outcomes?

A study undertaken by the Kaiser Permanente Research Institute and published in 2015, showed a 13-26% reduced risk for having a fall in member participants of the program. The study shows that participation in EnhanceFitness was associated with a reduced risk of medical falls and that those who participated more had the strongest protective results from engaging with the program The study results suggest that “evidence-based physical activity programs, particularly EF, should be more widely disseminated into communities, not only for their general effects on fitness, but also for their likely benefits on prevention of fall-related health care use, an important personal and societal outcome.”


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