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Welcome to Project Enhance!

Project Enhance administers two award-winning, community-based health promotion programs for older adults, Enhance®Fitness and  Enhance®Wellness.  Backed by years of solid scientific research, you can find these evidence-based programs at over 500 locations around the country, with more opening every day at facilities in your community, including senior centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and continuing-care retirement communities.

This is more a matter of encouragement by staff than pride in myself but totally focusing on changing my eating habits and exercising more has enabled me to make a lifestyle change and lose weight, feel better, and lower my cholesterol and my blood pressure!" - EnhanceWellness Participant
The outstanding success of Project Enhance is its positive participant outcomes. Studies have shown a 72% decrease in hospital days, 35% decrease in use of  psychoactive drugs and 11% decrease in depressive symptoms for EnhanceWellness participants. EnhanceFitness participants have shown a 52% improvement in depressive symptoms and 35% improvement in physical functioning.

In the News!

EnhanceFitness, evidence-based  physical activity program, named as Falls Prevention program at highest level federally by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Program Review Council.

June 21, 2017 - EnhanceFitness now qualifies as a Falls Prevention program as well as a Physical Activity CDSME program at the highest tier of federal funding.  More information to come.

EnhanceFitness is highlighted in this month's Exercise is Medicine newsletter - Read on!

EIM in Action - Improving Patient Health through Physical Therapy-based Referrals – The PT-REFER Project.

The Health Promotion Research Center at the University of Washington has developed and is currently testing a new referral system to engage older adults in regular physical activity through the creation of a community-clinical linkage between physical therapists and the EnhanceFitness program at YMCAs. Physical therapists will be providing their older adult patients with a referral to local YMCAs to participate in an evidence-based physical activity program - EnhanceFitness. Participation in EnhanceFitness is associated with improvement in health and functional outcomes, and the goal of the new referral system is to increase the number of older adults who participate – to date, the program has impacted over 58,000 individuals in 39 states across the U.S. This linkage between clinical (physical therapists) and community (YMCAs) settings is an example of the long-term vision of Exercise is Medicine® to integrate physical activity into all aspects of the health care setting.

Senior Services is now Sound Generations!

Senior Services changed their name to Sound Generations with effect from January 1st, 2016.

Recent study compares EnhanceFitness to SilverSneakers program with regards to Falls Protection. Recommended that EnhanceFitness be widely disseminated into communities. 

"The results of this analysis provide evidence that participation in EF is associated with a reduced risk of medical falls. Furthermore, as hypothesized, this relationship shows a consistent pattern in which the strongest protective association was for consistent users of the program. Participation in SS may provide a moderate degree of fall protection, although findings were inconclusive. Overall, results suggest that evidence-based physical activity programs, particularly EF, should be more widely disseminated into communities not only for their general effects on fitness but also for their likely benefits on prevention of fall-related health care use, an important personal and societal outcome."

See article on Participation in Older Adult Physical Activity Programs and Risk for Falls Requiring Medical Care, Washington State, 2005-2011

ORIGINAL RESEARCH — Volume 12 — June 11, 2015 at:

EnhanceFitness evaluated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Report to Congress 

-In a recent report to Congress, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) described promising evidence suggesting that Senior Services EnhanceFitness Program had driven down total healthcare costs, decreased unplanned hospitalizations, and decreased mortality rates for participating Medicare beneficiaries. For more information, see attached links below-

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