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Flexibility is a hallmark of Project Enhance. We understand that each organization has its own particular needs and capabilities. EnhanceWellness offers a variety of packages to fit your requirements.

In addition to the licensing fee, other operational costs may affect your implementation of  EnhanceWellness. For a list of additional costs that you should consider, jump to the Additional Expenses section of this page.

EnhanceWellness Packages

Description Basic Fee (Year 1) Fee per Additional Site (Year 1) Basic Fee (Annual Renewal) Wellware Yearly Access (per Counselor)
EnhanceWellness Package
  • EnhanceWellness license
  • 2-day training for up to 10 EnhanceWellness staff and managers
  • WellWare, a web-based participant management software application. (If you have PEARLS database access already, then you would not have to pay the Wellware fee).
  • Counselor Manual, including WellWare user guide
  • Administrative and service reports generated from WellWare
  • Listing in Project Enhance locations database
  • Ongoing technical assistance
  • Marketing materials
  • EnhanceWellness and WellWare updates
$3,000 N/A $50 $200


Professional consultation is available with all packages. Rate is dependent on project scope. Consultation examples include additional data analysis, assistance in program planning, and requested attendance at meetings; to be negotiated as needed.

Additional Costs

Download and customize an Excel file of potential EnhanceWellness operating costs.  Below is an example in which the part-time Registered Nurse and Social Worker expenses represent 8 hours per week. The part-time Project Manager expense represents 2 hours per week while the full-time Project Manager expense represents 4 hours per week. Often, sites increase hours as the caseload increases. If there are multiple sites, a position could potentially become full-time. Both part-time and full-time expenses are shown.

Line Item Comments
Capital (one-time only) Costs 

You will need a computer and a printer.

Additional training costs If your organization is not in the Seattle, WA, area, be sure to budget for the cost of meals, airfare, and hotel for the EnhanceWellness Trainers to travel to your location. (Or, budget for your organization to travel to Seattle.)
Operating Costs (Personnel) 
EnhanceWellness Staff Based on hourly rate/hours per week
Project Manager  If funded separately
Benefits  At your agency rate
Operating Costs (Equipment and Supplies) 
Telephone You will need an Internet connection and phone.
Postage Budget for the cost of mailings.
Facilities In-kind.
Printing Budget for the cost of brochures, forms, etc.
Supplies Budget for the cost of various health screening medical supplies such as a scale and blood pressure cuff.
Transportation Budget for the cost of mileage to meetings.
Total Does not include training/license fee.
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